The start of RoseBuck Events.

May 13, 2019

The start of RoseBuck Events.

I started with events as a means to market RoseBuck. I figured working with known brands already established in the market would greatly help in spreading the word about RoseBuck as a start-up lifestyle brand, and it worked! 

It may have worked a little too well. :P

The winter of 2018 has been hands down one of the most hectic season I was a part of, and to think it was RoseBuck's first! More and more events I did, I figured it was something that naturally came to me and was so much fun albeit hectic. 

Till date we've done 4 baby-showers, 4 Christmas sit-down dinners, Thanksgiving dinner, multiple themed events like - GOT, Alice & wonderland. We've made caramel popcorn from scratch which was an instant hit and an idea to add on to our store in the future.

Usually everyone starts doing events and then eventually starts a shop once they get traction and everyone starts to get to know about them. For RoseBuck, I am so thankful it worked the other way around. To be surrounded by beautiful products at a sit-down dinner that you can then go buy for our own home sounds the most fun personal shopping to do! 

As more and more time goes by, events has opened my eyes, mind and soul to an even bigger possibility and interests. I am flying out right before the next event season starts this year for Floristry classes to South Korea! I. Am. Beyond. Excited.

Can't tell what the future holds, but I am 100% sure it's going to be one hell of a ride. And since it's now off season for events right now, it's the perfect time to head back and concentrate to the one thing that started this ride. That is the RoseBuck store. Designing an exciting new line, that I CANNOT wait to share, I feel bloody lucky to be able to do this however maddening it gets. 

Here's to RoseBuck's very first blog post.

Goodnight Lovies! And remember to follow those dreams however crazy they are. x





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