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BTS: RoseBuck Studio Rentals

BTS: RoseBuck Studio Rentals

One of the reasons we decided to establish the RoseBuck Studio space is because over the years, our social media content caught the attention of various brands who have wanted to use our aesthetic set-ups for their own shoots. We were so excited to be able to provide brands with that option when our studio opened in April 2022.

Since our launch, three brands have rented our space for their photo shoots: ANAR, Drawn and Renge. With the event season coming up, we’ve also started getting more bookings for July and August and we’re excited to share our space with you all.

Photo shows a behind-the-scenes shot through the main entrance of RoseBuck with two models in the foreground. The RoseBuck logo can be seen on the ride side of the image (blending in the with the dark wall)

If you’d like to rent out our studio for your photoshoot or private event, come and stop by to have a chat with us or get in touch via email or social media. We’d be more than happy to help you set up the perfect space for you and your need!

Image shows RoseBuck Studio Shoot Rental Rate Card. Hourly basis: INR 3,000 / 4 Hours: INR 10,000 / 8 Hours: INR 18,000. Email: for bookings. Phone: +91-8766298180/+91-9354532226
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