Moon Silver Serving Spoon Set

Rs. 2,350.00

Minimalistic Serving Spoons for serving all your home cooked meals, to match with RoseBuck's cutlery sets. Comes in a specially designed box, so you can store them when not in use. Ideal for gifting too.

Includes: Set of 2 - Small & Large.

Material Used: Pure Silver finishing on Pure Brass in Matte Finish
Dimensions: Small Serving Spoon: 7.5 inches - Length; Large Serving Spoon: 9 inches - Length.
Product Care: Hand wash with warm soapy water using a soft sponge. Pat dry. Do not use abrasive material on product, will diminish finishing.

Gentle Reminder: All cutlery pieces are handmade, therefore are subject to small bubbles and uneven-ness, which is all part of the manufacturing process and should not be considered a flaw.