RoseBuck's Full Pampas Wreath

Rs. 3,250.00

RoseBuck's Full Pampas Grass Wreaths especially handmade for you. Buy yours to adorn your walls or doors all year round. The rings are custom made with a circular hole so it can be hung on any generic nail in your home, office or studio. This wreath is forever lasting.


Material Used: Pure Brass/Copper/Black Ring, Chiffon Ribbon, Dried Pampas Grass.
Dimensions: Large - 16 inch Diameter, Small - 8 inch Diameter.
Product Care: After your Pampas Grass ring has made its journey to you, it may be a little compressed. This is normal and the best thing about Pampas is it won’t be bothered by this at all. Simply remove the wreath and hang in an area with sunlight for the pampas to open up and settle down. Please be gentle with the entire wreath in its entirety. Shedding will occur but will not affect the look. Once the wreath has been hung for a few days and settled, spray with any light hairspray to keep the plumes and dry flowers in place.

Please Note: As this is a natural product there can be variance in color. Ribbon used will be at random, chosen to suit the colour of the ring and dry flowers used.


**Non exchangeable/returnable product.**