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The RoseBuck Story

R O S E B U C K is a minimalistic lifestyle brand.

 RoseBuck was launched in December 2017 after 6 months of research in the Copper & Brass industry of India, after observing a near lack of such daily use products in the domestic market. Finally after finding a manufacturer who agreed to work with a new local business, RoseBuck went from an idea to actualisation. Run by the founder, Shibani Dutta, who handles everything from product design,  photographing & styling the products and all the floral & decor work for RoseBuck Events. 
RoseBuck Events was started as a way to market the small unknown brand, three days post the launch of the RoseBuck Shop. Over the last 4.5 years, event decor work has become an integral part of RoseBuck, taking us on a journey of falling in love with all things floral.

Come be a part of our journey, join us at our new studio/store that has opened at M-66, First Floor, M-Block Market, GK2 New Delhi, to experience the RoseBuck world in person.

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